Narrative Text (Turtle and Eagle)

Does A Friendship

In ancient times there lived a tortoise and a hawk. Although the turtle and the eagle is rarely met because the turtle

spent more time disemak-bush while the more eagles fly, but does not prevent the hawks to always visit a nice little friend, the turtle.

The turtle family is very friendly and always welcome the arrival of the eagle with joy. They also always give the eagle food with very royalnya. So the hawks are always many times to come because the food is free from the family turtle. Each time after eating the turtle family always laughed at the eagles the turtle: “ha ha how stupid the tortoise, I can feel the pleasure of food he always gave, but no way he could enjoy my food because that sarangku situated well above the mountain.”

Because so often laughed at and with the eagle’s selfish to eat the turtle, then the whole forest began to arouse the attitude of the eagle. The inhabitants of these forests was unhappy with the casual attitude of the eagle to the turtle kind. One day a frog called a turtle who was walking near a river. “Hi my friend the turtle, give me a bowl of peas, then I will give wise words for you” cried the frog. After spending a bowl of peas from the turtle, the frog said again: “the tortoise, the eagle had abused best friend friendship and your kindness. Every time after visiting the nest, he’s always fun of by saying “ha ha how stupid the tortoise, I can feel the pleasure of eating that he always gave, but maybe he can not enjoy my food because sarangku which lies far above the mountain” . On one day the eagle would come back and will ask for a basket of food from you and promised to provide food to you and your children ”

It is true that is said by the frog, the eagle came with a basket and as always the hawks enjoy food from the turtle. The eagle said: “O my friend the tortoise, let me fill the basket with food from you, it will send it to the child my wife and my wife will give you a homemade meal for your wife and child.” Then the eagle fly and the back laughing at the tortoise. And immediately the turtle into the basket and covered with vegetables, fruits by his wife, so it is not visible. When the eagle back, the turtle’s wife said her husband had just left and provide a full basket of food to the hawks. The eagle immediately went flying, carrying the basket.

Back she laughed at the stupidity of the turtles. But this time the turtle to hear his own words. They came to the eagle’s nest, and soon the eagle eating the contents of the basket until the end. What a surprise to see the turtle out of the basket. “Hi my friend the hawk, you have often visited sarangku but I’ve never even visited the nest. It seems that I will be very berbahagianya can enjoy your food as you enjoy my food. “How angry the hawk because he felt tersindir. Angrily he pecked her tortoise-shell kura.Namun home thanks to the hard tortoise, the tortoise can not be pecked by the eagle. Bitterly the turtle said: “I have seen what kind of friendship you offer me, O the eagle. How disappointed I am. Well take me back to sarangku and our friendship will end. “Sang elangpun said:” Well if that’s you want. I’ll take you home “But evil thoughts arise on the eagles themselves. “I’ll bring you down and eat the remains of yourself” he thought again.

Thus, the turtle holds the feet of the eagle that flies high. “Pull my leg” cried the angry hawk. Patiently the tortoise replied: “I will deliver your feet if you have lead me back to sarangku” to upset the eagle was flying high, menungkik and wiggle her feet in the hope that the turtle will fall. But there’s no point. Finally she dropped the turtle on its nest, and soon flying high with a feeling of shame.

When the eagle flies, the turtle cried: “O my friendship requires mutual sharing of one another. I appreciate and respect kaupun. However, since you made our friendship just a game, and I laugh at my family friendliness then you should not have come to me anymore. “


About Aziz Muslim

Saya anak ketiga dari 4 bersaudara. Lahir di Demak, 10 April 1981. Menamatkan bangku MI (setingkat SD) pada tahun 1993, MTs (SLTP) tahun 1996 dan STM (SMK) tahun 1999. Pada tahun 2000, masuk ke Perguruan Tinggi di FPBS - English, saya selesaikan studi di IKIP PGRI Semarang 28 September 2004, saya mencoba belajar lagi dengan siswa MTs dan MA (Madrasah Aliyah-stingkat SMA) dan masih sedang belajar utak-utik komputer.

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  1. blognya udah bagus. tapi kalo untuk pembelajaran kelas 3 kalo bisa cerita narative-nya pake english pak.

  2. Dhea Safitri Latief

    BetpA kEjamX saNg Elang >……SehinggA tEga menghiAnati SahBat bAikx Sendri,,,
    KLwarGa kRa-Kra Yg Sngat RamaH,,,r3lA memBgikan Smwa Mknanx Demi..D’bagikan…untuk elang……
    ju2r Saya Sampai menangis ,,,,kTika Sdng memBca Crita..nie…
    Sya Jga p’NAh Mrsakan…Pa Yg kRa-Kra Tengah Rsakan……..
    shabatq Sndri>>..
    yg q PercyAkn Kni Tega MenghIanaTi q>>….
    Pacarq D’Rebut Olehx….
    Dan Diam”d’bElakang Q…………
    Dya mNceriTakan…..Yg jlek” tenTangQ…
    Qt b’2 Psti kAn Mndpt Shabat yG lBih Baik Lghe…

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