Narrative Story

The Owl

The Owl came forth with a puzzled face and said, “It has been chosen as the place I lived a dilapidated house that had collapsed. I was born among the ruins and there I found pleasure – but not in drinking wine. I also know of hundreds who crowded the place is inhabited, but most are in turmoil and the other in hostilities. Who wants to live in peace must go to the ruins, like madmen. When I scowled at them, is due to hidden treasure. Love treasures pulled in there, because there is treasure among the ruins of ruins. I had to hide my efforts full of yearning in seeking it, and hope to get a property that is not protected jejimat it; if my feet can find it later, it will be achieved the desire of my heart. I do believe that the love of the Simurgh was not a fairytale, because this love is not comprehended by those who do not care, but I was weak, and far from feeling sure would love, because I just love these treasures and ruins. ” Hudhud told him, “O you who get drunk because the love of wealth, put you can find the treasure! Then surely you will die also upon the treasure, was living had slipped away before you reach the noble goals which at least has you realize too. Love going gold is characteristic of those who are not believers. He who makes an idol of gold is a twin Thare.1 not you might want to be a follower of the As-Samiri2 of the nation of Israel, who made a calf of gold? Do not you know that whoever has been damaged ruqyah by the love of gold, then such counterfeit currency it will exchange faces with similar mice on the day of Judgement? ” The hunks A drunkard hide gold crate, and soon after that, dead. A year later his son in a dream saw the father reincarnate so rats, sebak with tears in her eyes. The rat ran back and forth in place of the gold was hidden. The boy asked, “Why are you here?” Replied the father, “I used to hide the gold in the here and now I come to see if anyone was already known.” “Why do you reincarnate a rat?” Asked the boy. His father said, “The soul of people who have sacrificed everything for love of gold was transformed similar. Remember good about myself, o my son, and take advantage of what you saw this. Leave a love of gold! “


About Aziz Muslim

Saya anak ketiga dari 4 bersaudara. Lahir di Demak, 10 April 1981. Menamatkan bangku MI (setingkat SD) pada tahun 1993, MTs (SLTP) tahun 1996 dan STM (SMK) tahun 1999. Pada tahun 2000, masuk ke Perguruan Tinggi di FPBS - English, saya selesaikan studi di IKIP PGRI Semarang 28 September 2004, saya mencoba belajar lagi dengan siswa MTs dan MA (Madrasah Aliyah-stingkat SMA) dan masih sedang belajar utak-utik komputer.

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  1. assalamulaikum ya ustad …
    kaifa haluk ?….
    niki tarmuji ….

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